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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist
Asked a question last year

What is full form of SP in Indian standard code?

What is full form of SP in Indian standard code?

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Special Publications

Henry Newman
Water resource engineer

Special Publications are the ready reference books compared to IS Codes. The IS Codes are practiced every year without fail because it is abiding by the law.

SP are not abode by the law, and they are not coded.

Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

SP stands for ‘Special Publication’ in SP 16, SP 32, etc. It’s a special publication along with IS codes by the BIS.

Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

Sp stands for special publications in indian standard code.The key differences between is code and sp is that, is code is abide by law and sp does not.sp gives you just guidelines.
For example:
Is 456-2000 is PRACTICE CODE FOR PLAIN AND REINFORCED concrete which must be followed by designer otherwise strict action will be taken.
Sp-34 is HANDBOOK ON CONCRETE AND REINFORCEMENT DETAILING gives just guidelines to reinfoment detailing

SP mean “special publication”

That book called handbook

This SP handbook is published by BIS (Bureau of Indian standard)

Some rules are given which we can use directly from that SP handbook

Morris Baker
Construction Site Safety Manager

With reference to the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS, the term ‘SP’ refers to “Special Publication.” The Special Publications are general guidelines and or ready reference books, unlike the IS codes. The BIS codes have to be practiced without fail and are abide by the law. It is similar to ISI Mark- Indian Standard Institute of Bureau of Indian Standards. At the same time, the Special Publications are not codes and not bonded by law.
So when a building is designed and constructed, it has to conform to necessary and sufficient IS standards and codes. For illustration, the general code of practice for RCC buildings is IS 456:2000, the Code of practice for Plain and Reinforced Concrete. That means the building has got the ISI Mark of IS 456:200 and abides by the law. The buildings which are constructed without conforming to IS Codes are unlawful.

What is full form of SP in Indian standard code?

Whereas, the IS SP 34: HANDBOOK ON CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT AND DETAILING (WITH AMENDMENT 1) is just a guideline on reinforcement detailing. This aids as an enhancement in designing and detailing of rebar. Not following these guidelines doesn’t put anyone behind bars and doesn’t abide by the law. It is left with the conciseness of the designer and executor of building whether to follow the Special Publication guidelines or not. However, as a good engineering practice, everyone in the construction industry follows the Special Publication guidelines without fail.

With reference to Bureau of Indian Standards, the term SP refers to Special Publication.

hi, SP – Special Publication According to BIS, it is a special publication of IS(Indian Standard).