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Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Difference Between Load Bearing and Frame Structure?

What is the difference between a load bearing structure and a frame structure? How load is transferred in load bearing and framed structures?

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No. Load Bearing Structure Frame Structure
 1.Almost all the walls are load bearing walls.  None of the wall are load bearing. They serve the same purpose as partition or screen.
2.Almost all the should be provided with foundation None of the walls are provided with any type of foundation. Walls do not go below the plinth beam.
3. Load bearing walls are taken deep into the subsoil foundation.Only column are taken deep into subsoil and provided with foundation footing. 
 4.Any load bearing wall should have minimum thickness of 200 mm.Exterior wall subjected to weathering elements are generally 200 mm thick. All other wall can be 100 mm thick or even thinner. 
 5. Wall are usually constructed of bricks or stone.Column supporting beam supporting slab are all of R.C. C.
6. In a multi-storeyed building for every wall in the floor above there must be a corresponding wall in continuation in the floor below to support it.There is no such necessity. As none of the walls are load bearing. Every floor may have wall independent of the one below it.
7.In a multi - storeyed building the thickness of the wall increase as we descend from a floor above to one below it. These walls do not take the load and need not be thicker. They may not even continue in the floor below. 
8. A load bearing wall once constructed shall remain in position and should never be dismantled in full or part.The wall of framed structure can be displaced at will as they are lighter and non load bearing. 
9This type of construction does not favor toomany openings for windows, doors, ventilation etc.,  in the ground floor as required for show room etc., as the load bearing length of wall is considerably reduced. The space between column can remains as open space as the case with multi-storeyed residential flats where the ground floor is left with no walls for easy parking of vehicle. 
10.In case of multi-storeyed buildings, the room area is reduced as we go down due to thicker walls. Thickness of wall remains uniform, therefore the carpet area in any floor remains the same.
 11.Plans of the different floors must be the same. Very little changes are only possible between one floor and the one above. Plans of different floor are independent of each floor. The ground floor may have a commercial complex, first floor an office or a bank and second floor onward of residential complexes of different types of plans and function within the same building.
12.May not withstand seismic forces and other forces and other type of vibration because composed of different blocks as bricks and stones being bonded together.More rigid and withstand seismic forces because of the entire frame of column, beam and slabs act as one unit of R.C.C.


wrong question dear load bearing is a property while frame structure is an object , may be you were trying to ask a load bearing masonry structure and frame structure if its so plz specify and i will be glad to answer