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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is CC concrete or Concrete Cloth?

What is CC or Concrete Cloth?

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Concrete cloth (CC) is an innovative technology that combines flexibility of geotextile fabric with durability of hardened concrete. It is composed of dry concrete mix, reinforcing fiber matrix, fabric top surface, and PVC bottom coating. A hardened concrete cloth is thin and durable which has many applications.

For more details on the Concrete cloth, please visit the following link:

Morris Baker
Construction Site Safety Manager

Concrete cloth : With reference to the above mention topic, I already uploaded the image of concrete cloth, please refer it to understand the concept deeply.

Introduction :

Concrete is widely used for building construction material worldwide The demand for concrete is increasing day by day Now it is a contract that is used in many adverse conditions

Concrete mainly include the following materials :

  1. Cement Sand Aggregate Water
  2. Definition of concrete cloth : The concrete cloth is an oval building construction material which is made up from a flexible aluminate cement powder impregnated fabric
  3. The speciality of concrete cloth : it hardens quickly because a higher rate of hydration

The main purpose of concrete cloth :

  • It forms a very thin concrete layer It provides hire durability to concrete structures It makes a concrete structure waterproof It is more fire-resistive
  • An interesting fact about concrete cloth related to history :
  • The concrete cloth was developed by a British Engineering Company called concrete Canvas.

I hope so you satisfied with my answer, Thank you.

Hi Raul,

Concrete cloth has a wide range of applications in building and in the construction industry.


It is flexible, due to cement improvement and fabric used to hydrate the thin, durable and fireproof with a waterproof concrete layer. It is a three-dimensional matrix fibre made up by a concrete Mix. It is hydrophilic and water-resistant. Concrete clothes are available in 3 thickness- CC5, CC8 and CC13 which are in 5,8 and 13 mm thickness respectively.

Application of concrete cloth: Here I am mainly focusing all the applications of concrete cloth, have a look;

Ditch lining Slope protection Pipeline protection Mining application Band lining Concrete Canvas shelter

Thank you.

Flenn Hale
Construction Manager


I would like to add more technical information. A concrete cloth or concrete canvas is a material developed by the British Engineering Company. This is a special type of material that makes it flexible to use and has all the properties of concrete. 

It's has a vast scope of applications such as a slope protection construction, used in mining overlaying and underground pipelines, used in agricultural mill and military applications. in technical terms, the concrete cloth is a three-dimensional fibre matrix that contains a mix of dry concrete with a back surface is coated by a PVC material and on the other surface by a cloth to make it waterproof. 

Uses of hydrophilic fibers on the opposite surface which are support the hydration by Praveen water into the cement. The canvas materials which are covered can be hydrated by spring or it may be immersed in water for curing.

Concrete cloth is a unique proprietary material. It has a very wide range of applications throughout the building and civil engineering industry. CC is a flexible; cement impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water and fire proof concrete layer. CC allows concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment. It has a designed life of 10 years. It is significantly quicker and less expensive to install.