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Joel Hawkins
Quarry engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Bursting Reinforcement?

What is Bursting Reinforcement?

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Bursting Reinforcement is a type of reinforcement that is provided in prestressed concrete.
It helps to resist the lateral tensile stress generated in prestressing operation.
This stress is maximum when stress trajectory is concave at the line of center of load.
So ultimately it is provided for preventing crack propagation due to tensile stress

Bursting reinforcements are provided in Post-tensioned prestressed members or where bursting forces are prevailing. In post-tensioned members, the transfer of stress is through the anchorage blocks.

The concrete in the vicinity of the anchorage block up to the length of the larger transverse dimension of the structure is defined as the anchorage zone. This anchorage zone is very high in bursting forces. These bursting forces can be computed using the stress trajectory studies.

From the stress trajectories, bursting forces can be found and corresponding bursting reinforcements can be provided. These reinforcements are also called the end zone reinforcement or bursting links. This zone can be cast separately using a high grade of concrete to ensure safety.

Peter Smith
Heating and ventilation engineer

The reinforcement which is provided inside prestressed concrete are known as bursting reinforcement.

There are three types of bursting reinforcement :-
1. Spalling reinforcement
2. Equilibrium reinforcement
3. Bursting reinforcement