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Flenn Hale
Construction Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is best answer of "Introduce Yourself"?

What is best answer of "Introduce Yourself"?

Where am I?

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This will vary person to person and how you are will directly refelct your way of Introduction.
Make sure you keep it simple and crisp .
I follow these steps.

  1. Greet Interviewer.
  2. Your Name and your current status i.e Student or what and which organization you are with.
  3. Give a little detail about your Native place.
  4. Stress upon your hobbies. (Make sure that they Ade your actuall hobbies .)
  5. Mention your areas of interest .(Same make sure they are really your interest.)
  6. Express your Strengths .
  7. Continue till Interviewer doesn’t cuts you or stops you.

For all this you have to do a study of yourself and one must do always. Introspection helps for this.

Be ready with all the stuff regarding yourself.

Never mention any Weakness till its not asked .

Never fake anything and answer everything veraciously.

Be confident and crisp.

Introduction differs from person to person. Everybody have their own way to introduce themself. If you are going for an interview it is most important to introduce yourself in correct manner because we all know that first impression is last impression. So, here are some tips which you can use for introducing yourself in an interview or anywhere;

  • Start with a smile and make a greet to the person opposite of you.
  • Use a casual and friendly tone.
  • Give your education details in short.
  • Share about the reason you are there for.
  • Ellaborate on your experiences and achievements.
  • Give a short explanation about your project.
  • Tell about your interests and hobbies.
  • And conclude by saying THANKS with a SMILE.

I think that you can the following steps:-

  1. Greet the interviewer (mainly if there is a women interviewer then you should greet her first then you can greet all other member) this step will show show your etiquettes.
  2. Tell them your name and tell them about your current status (student or job)
  3. Tell them about your birth place.
  4. Tell them about your hobbies but tell them the real one because mainly the question are asked from this area
  5. Tell them about your strength.
  6. Tell them about the area of interests and continue these till the interviewer stops you.

self-introduction is very important in the interview because it makes the first impression of interview. Don’t tell about unnecessary things only give information short and sweet

  • start with ur name
  • give your place information
  • education in sort
  • job experience if any
  • family details in short

This will change person to person and how you will straightforwardly reflect your method of introduction.
Ensure you keep it basic and fresh and follow these means.

Welcome Interviewer.
Your Name and your present status, i.e., Student, or what and which association you are with.
Give a little insight regarding your Native spot.
Make weight on your hobbies.
Tell them about your area of interest.
Express your Strengths.

Proceed till the Interviewer doesn’t stop you.
For this, you need to do an investigation of yourself, and one must do it consistently. Thoughtfulness helps with this.
Be prepared with all the stuff in regards to yourself.
Never tell any Weakness till it’s not asked.
Counterfeit nothing and answer everything veraciously.
Be certain and fresh.

When the interviewer asks us about “Tell me about yourself,” I always recommend you to answer in past-present-future formula.

The past – describe your work background and tell about what work you are done in the past and what major difficulty you solve in your past work.

The present – describe your present work and show then your accomplishments and achievement.

The future – tell about what you want to do in your life? And why they hire you?