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What are the types of glass dome building?

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The first is the all-glass structure point glass dome roof4, which is mainly composed of glass components to support the glass roof structure4, and is connected to the roof glass through point steel components. The requirements for the strength of the glass are high. How to overcome the problem of poor tensile properties of glass and convert it into a more suitable pressure? We can adopt a very simple and practical structure, apply the principle design of the folded plate structure, and support the glass plates at a certain angle to each other Arrangement, relying on the compressive ability of the glass itself to bear the weight of the glass, reducing the individual glass.

Bearing tension, thus better solving this problem. For safety reasons, the glass should be laminated glass or laminated insulating glass. The area of ​​the glass panel of the glass skylight should be no more than 2.5m", and the length of the long side should be no more than 2m.

The second is the arch, beam or rigid frame supporting point glass dome building4, which refers to the arch, beam or rigid frame as the main supporting structure, on which the point type member is connected to support or hang the glass roof.

The third type is the lower tension cable truss support, the point glass roof4, which refers to the part of the lower tension rod in the truss composed of steel cables and steel rods, or the steel rods or glass components. This cable truss system is then connected to the glass by point members. Glass or steel rods, as the pressure rods in the truss system, are a special form of truss structure. At the same time, the rods are slender and the form is very delicate, which can be well combined with the point glass technology, thus showing the point glass roof. Good mechanical aesthetics and optical transparency.

The fourth is the point dome glass roof 4of space rod system or cable system, which is a roof form formed by combining space structure and point glass technology. There is a good combination of point glass technology and space structure. For example, the hinge of point type components can well meet the requirements of space structure, a flexible space structure that produces deformation; The enclosure is relatively simple; in addition, the glass can be used as the pressure rod of the system to carry part of the load to reduce the number of additional components and increase the transparency of the roof.

glass dome building
glass dome building