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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist
Asked a question last year

What are the problems associated with prestressed concrete piles?

What are the problems associated with prestressed concrete piles?

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The disadvantages are as follows

  • Skilled labors are required to design the piles
  • Prestressed structure is made up of high strength materials hence higher are the losses due to shrinkage.
  • They are costlier than normal construction
  • In the process of prestressing, additional equipments such as jacks are required.

Prestressed piles are cast in the factory or yard and then installed in a site. Since they are precast, they have the disadvantages associated with the precast technology.

  • They are heavy and difficult to transport
  • Skilled labors are required
  • Special equipments are required for the erection of the piles
  • They produce noise pollution during installation
  • It is difficult to extend them if needed.
  • Extra reinforcement has to be provided to cut down the handling stresses and transport stresses

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Jacqueline Wade
Environmental engineer

The problems associated with prestressed concrete piles are as follows :-

– It is more costlier.
– Need more skilled labor for designing piles.
– Unable to extend them if needed.
– More difficult to transport because of their heavy load.

Since the installation method of Daido piles is changed, construction problems like deformation of pile tip shoes, crushing of concrete at pile tip etc. occur.