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Denise Ramos
Region Operations Manager
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What are the method for finding Bearing capacity of soil?

What are the method for finding Bearing capacity of soil?

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To find SBC there is several several methods like

  • Presumptive sample Analysis
  • Analytical Methods
  • Plate Bearing Test (for settlement & modulus of subgrade reaction)
  • Penetration Test (dcpt cpt etc)
  • Modern Testing Methods (modified test)

In site we use generally penitration test

In penitration test, 63.5kg hammer are fall from 75cm height free fall and note down reading of penitration

From penitration we can find SBC.

For more details of SPT test

Methods for estimating bearing capacity of soil

  1. Analytical methods involving the use of soil parameters
    • Rankine’s Analysis
    • Terzaghi’s Analysis
  2. Plate load test
  3. Penetration test
    • Standard penetration test
    • Dutch cone test
  4. Presumptive bearing capacity values from codes
Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Soil bearing capacity can be determined by below methods:-

  1. Penetration test
  2. Centrifuge test
  3. Analytical method
  4. Plate bearing test
  5. Modern testing method
  6. Presumptive analysis
Morris Baker
Construction Site Safety Manager

The different methods for finding bearing capacity of soil are as follows :-

1. Presumptive analysis
2. Analytical method
3. Plate bearing test
4. Penetration test
5. Modern testing method
6. Centrifuge test