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Yolanda Howard
Structural engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the inspections carried out by local authorities while construction?

What are the inspections carried out by local authorities while construction?

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The inspections carried out by local authorities while construction are as follows :-

Quality and progress :-

1. Condition surveys of neighbouring structures prior to commencement of the works.
2. Regular valuation inspections to assess progress of the works in order to value interim payments.
3. Inspecting mock ups and samples and witnessing tests.
4. Witnessing commissioning.
5.Inspection prior to certification of practical completion.
6. Inspection after handover of the site to the client on certification of practical completion.
7. Inspection at the end of the defects liability period to prepare a schedule of defects.
8. Inspection on completion of the rectification of defects set out on the schedule of defects.

Health and safety :-

1. Prevention of falls and personal fall protection systems.
2. Work at height.
3. Work platforms such as scaffold and mobile platforms.
4. Ladders and stepladders.
5. Personal protection equipment, including head protection.
6. Plant, vehicles and other equipment.
7. Storage.
8. Electrical systems.
9. Asbestos risk.
10. Provision of welfare facilities such as toilets and handwashing facilities.
11. Site conditions and order.
12. Avoidance of obstructions.
13. Management of respiratory risks.
14. Structural stability.
15. Prevention of unauthorised access to the site.

Building control :-

1. Excavations, before filling.
2. Foundations before covering up.
3. Damp proof course.
4. New drains before covering up.
5. Ground beams and steelwork.
6. Insulation.
7. Roof construction.
8. Completion.

Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Inspection carried out by local authorities during construction:

The purpose behind the inspection of the construction work is to verify compliance with the requirements of the contract documents.

On large projects, separate site inspections will be carried out for mechanical and Electrical services, structural works, and architectural works.

The site Inspector provides an independent assessment of the works and will generally report to the contractor administrator.

Site Inspector likely to keep aside diary and construction progress meetings and to produce regular written reports.

Following specific inspections should be carried out during the construction phase as part of the general contractor administration process:

  • Condition service of neighboring structures before the commencement of the works.
  • Inspecting mock-ups and samples and witnessing the test
  • Regular evaluation inspections to assess the progress of the work to value interim payments
  • Inspection after hand over of the site to the client on certification of practical completion
  • Inspection at the end of the defects liability prayed to prepare a skill schedule of defects
  • Inspection on completion of the rectification of defects set out on the schedule of defects.

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After its construction, inspection of the concrete structure is necessary to step for proper maintenance and rectify faults in structure. Following are some post structure inspection:

  1. Routine inspection: it is a type of examination for a structure of concrete to find some faults by a quick looking at the structure. the inspector Vijay wali assess the whole structure by using simple tools and determine the various conditions of concrete likes spelling cracks, rusting delamination, efflorescence, honeycombing, etc.
  2. Detailed inspection: detail is inspection requires more time than routine inspection. Inspector uses specialized tools to determine the various state of structures. It is done only by an experienced engineer.
  3. Special inspection: if some falls found in the above inspections, the inspector examines the specific circumstances of structure with specialized equipment. In this inspection all the stresses on pillars and beams are checked, rusting of reinforced concrete members should check, a sign of cracks and collapse should check, time of fatigue and failure should check, harm to building by floods, winds, and climatic conditions must be found and rectified.

These are three inspections carried out to ensure that the structure should remain in good condition and period of maintenance. Daily inspections should be done regularly while the detailed inspection and special and inspection must be on need basis.

Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager

I totally agree with Dennis, many things are missing in our country

But to answer this question

  • Site Investigation
  • Before construction inspection and first constn inspection
  • Foundation (before placing concrete)
  • Framing (before covering frame)
  • Insulating (after insulation)
  • Last inspection (after all things are done and permits are issued)

This is a vey good question.

Inspection is missing in our country to large extent.

In the past, In India I have come across  boiler inspectors come inspect boiler installations on a power plant.

In real estate government authorities perform inspections before issuing Completion Certificate or Occupancy Certificate.

In Middle East it is mandatory for every project the obtain clearance certificates Civil Defence before project facilties are put to use. Most importantly Civil defence inspects the facilities for working of fire protections systems.

Hope this helps