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Claude Green
CAD technician
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the different types of compactors?

What are the different types of compactors?

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Jayden Adams
Construction Assistant

Soil compaction is defined as the method of mechanically increasing the density of soil.It14 is the simple way of increasing the stability and supporting capacity of the soil.

Different types of compactors used are as follows

  1. Rammers
  2. Vibratory Roller
  3. Smooth wheeled Roller
  4. Sheepsfoot Roller
  5. Pneumatic Roller
  6. Vibratory Plate Compactor
Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

Basically, the type of compactor is mainly depended upon the type of soil that needs to be compacted.

Here, I am discussing various types of compactor which are used for some m special type of soil.

  • Rammer: for soils in confined space
  • Sheep foot roller: for silty soil and clay soil
  • Pneumatic tyred roller: for sand, gravel, silty soil and clay soil
  • Smooth wheel roller: crushed Rock gravity sand

(The degree of compaction is inversely proportional to the layer thickness of a soil)

Types of compactors

Smooth wheeled rollers: Generally and imp used for compaction of any type of roads compaction. Sheepsfoot Rollers: Also called as tamping roller, consists of rectangle boots on the roller drum in hexagon pattern. Pneumatic Roller: Also called rubber tyre roller. Vibratory roller: Rollers with vibration, for better compaction. Rammers: For small places with impact load, hand or machine operated coz of light wt. Vibratory Plate Compactor: For very small & conjusted place