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Jacqueline Wade
Environmental engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the causes of Sidewall Cracks in Newly Constructed Building?

Hi Gopal, I have a newly constructed home in Kerala (just a year ago), but now there are few racks developing in one of the front side walls (extended elevation on the first floor). I suspect this is developed due to a glitch in architecture. Can you help with this? Adding some pictures.

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Lillian Holmes
Director of Public Works

Shameer, I can see that crack has developed near the un-supported end of the beam. It can be due to the deflection of the beam at the end. It can also be due to improper bonding between the beam/slab and the wall above. It will be better if some closeup images are provided, as it is not clear from the images you attached.

Once the real cause is known, we can go for the solution. Right now, the solution seems to be to break the plaster and then fill the gap or cracks.