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Claude Green
CAD technician
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the alternate building blocks which can used in place of ordinary building stones and bricks?

What are the alternate building blocks which can used in place of ordinary building stones and bricks?

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Fly ash bricks can be used in place of ordinary building stones and bricks which is a good one but the main defect is that fly ash bricks are regional.

Here, I will be discussing some popular innovative building blocks used in building specially in architectural point of view. They are listed below;

1) Light transmitting concrete block (LTC) :

Speciality of light transmitting concrete are given below;

  • It can transmit light from one into another.
  • Uses: As a partition wall, in slab ,floor and any type of structural element

2) Intelligent responsive glass unit

3) Carbon fibre

4) Straw

5) Concrete block

6) Concrete masonry unit (CMU)

7) K-Briq:

  • This k-brick looks like our normal brick, its weight is same and it behaves like a clay brick but offers better insulation properties.

8) reThink Wood Unit

9) BlingCrete


11) ThroCrete

Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Nowadays traditional building materials get replaced by a modern construction material in this way the clay burnt bricks are replaced by hollow concrete blocks

Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

Interlocking blocks

Lightweight cellular concrete blocks

Hollow concrete blocks: it is a hollow block with one or two capitals used in place of traditional bricks. It is larger in size than normal bricks and heavy in weight. Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks: it is composed of calcinated gypsum cement water quads and lime. Mycelium blocks: it is lighter in weight clocks with selfie link quality. 8th anniversary affects the economy of construction due to its high cost. Hempcrete blocks: it is a waterproof block with water-resistant quality. It has termite resistant and resistant to sulfur attack.

Following are some modern concrete blocks:

Lightweight aggregate blocks Unfired clay block: it has a thermal conductivity between 0.21 to 0.95w/mk. Insulated concrete blocks: has a typical thermal conductivity of 0.083 w/mk

Nowadays concrete blocks are the best alternative for traditional burnt bricks. It allows us to construct high rise buildings with a long lifespan. It gives high strength and resistant to climatic conditions.

Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

A few alternative building block materials :

  1. Rammed earth blocks (heat and noise insulator, durable, fireproof)
  2. Mycelium blocks (organically self-healing making itself very durable, low maintenance, arguably the building blocks of future)
  3. Timbercrete blocks (lighter yet stronger and better insulator than usual cement concrete, very user-friendly, can be nailed and bolted, bushfire proof)
  4. Crumb rubber blocks (noise insulator, skid resistant, recycled material)
  5. Fal-G stabilized mud blocks (moisture resistant, durable)
  6. Straw bale blocks (great insulator, environment friendly, cheap, fails in rain and humidity)
  7. Hempcrete blocks (insulator, moisture resistant, pest resistant, very long lasting, slow construction)
  8. Recycled plastic blocks (good insulator, environment friendly)
  9. Timber blocks (surprisingly, timber blocks consume lesser energy in production than bricks and concrete)
  10. Clay + fly ash bricks
  11. Lime + fly ash bricks
  12. Lato blocks (popular in Latin America)
  13. Bamboo mat + mud blocks
  14. Vehicle tyres + mud blocks (great insulator)
  15. Hollow concrete blocks
Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

the alternate building blocks which can used in place of ordinary building stones and bricks are given below

  1. terracotta hollow block
  2. Natural Bangalore Stone
  3. Interlocking Mud Blocks
  4. Soil Stabilized Blocks
  5. Big Size Light Weight Aerocon Blocks
  6. concrete block
  7. fly ash brick
  8. calcium silicate brick

these are few alternative you can use instead of conventional brick.