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Yolanda Howard
Structural engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Robo sand?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Robo sand?

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Lillian Holmes
Director of Public Works
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Robo sand?


We should start to use M-sand as one of the alternative building construction material so that impacts on the environment will get reduced to some extent.

Here, I will be discussing some advantages and disadvantages of manufactured sand.

Advantages of manufactured sand :

  • Manufactured sand has a higher fineness modulus index as compared to natural sand
  • It has better abrasion resistance because manufactured sand is free from silt and clay.
  • Lower Permeability
  • Higher unit weights
  • It has very less destructive to our environment because it highly reduces sand mining from the river bed.
  • It has good workability of concrete
  • Higher-strength
  • Greater durability.

Disadvantages of manufactured sand:

  • Higher cost
  • More requirement of water-cement due to its smooth and angular texture to achieve appropriate workability.
  • Presence of more amount of micro-fine particles that adversely affect on strength and workability of concrete.

Advantages of Robo sand or m sand are :

  • No or near zero impurities.
  • Controlled gradation of particles. Hence, no wastage.
  • No over sized particles or shingles, stones and pebbles.
  • Generally dry, so doesn’t fiddle with the concrete mix proportions.
  • Higher concrete compressive strength achieved.
  • Zero silt content.
  • Cheaper than marine sand or river sand.
  • Easier to spot adulteration judging by oversized or undersized particles and color (greyer the purer, browner the impurer)
  • Extraction of sand from river and sea beds is an environmental hazard.

There aren’t many disadvantages of Robo sand unless the manufacturer is not much into quality control. They may be :

  • There is a possibility of hard soil or hard clay strata crushed along with the desired rock.
  • Often murrum boulder is also present. It gets crushed into finer particles and disturbs the mix design, workability and setting times of concrete.