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Arnold Shelton
Management consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are stiffener columns?

What are stiffener columns?

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Stiffeners are utilized as a method for offering additional support to columns at beam connections. They are included when the strength of the column is surpassed; however, full moment strength of the beam section is desired. To find out the structure of column stiffeners, there are are no specifications for determining the conveyance of load between the column web and stiffeners.

What are stiffener columns?

The column stiffener is used for providing additional support to the columns at the beam connection location. Column Stiffeners provided when the column strength is exceeded but to get the desired strength moment of the beam section.

Use of column stiffener:

Column stiffeners are the second section or plates which are used as an attachment for the flanges and beam webs which stiffen them against plain deformation.

  • Stiffeners are used to control local buckling.
  • It is used to connect bracing and transverse beams.