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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

What are Different Stages of Construction and requirements of Building Material like Steel Bar Size, Cement, Sand and Aggregate

Sir, I request you to mention the material requirement for the following works : R.C.C COLUMN ( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate) TIE BEAM( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate) ERECTION OF COLUMN ( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate) REINFORCEMENT WORK FOR 1ST. FLOOR SLAB ( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate) 2ND. FLOOR COLUMN ERECTION ( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate) STAIR FOR 2ND. FLOOR / ROOF ( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate) 7. Lintel ( Size of TMT steel & Mix of cement:Sand:aggregate)

Where am I?

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Kent Welch
Planning and development surveyor

First of all you need to mention the structure is a multistory building or G +2 if it is G +2

Coloums : 16 mm dia bar of 8 nos size of coloum 20x60

Slabs: 12mm dia bar with 20mm c/c

Lintels : 10mm dia @25mm c/c Height of lintel 200mm bearing will be 300mm both sides.

Stair case : 12mm steel for steps 30c/c for landing 20c/c for base 20c/c

Mix design

Coloums : M20.

Slab&Stair case : M20.

Lintels: M15.

Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

We have diffrent stages in construction project of building , nowadays we use diffrent tyes of materials which byepass certian materials used 30 years ago

Normally construction of building starts from sub -structure and it moves on to super structure and finishes.

We use different dia steels for foundation it depends upon the height of structure how much load it carry so for that the designer design the structure, as we go higher if it is a tower building load Goes down.so14 the area of coloums and dia of steel reduces.

Concrete in sub structure is usually used as SRC concrete which is a sulpher resistant concrete and the concrete used in super structure is normally an ordinary port land cement.

slabs are nowadays of various kinds used , solid one way slab solid two way slab, hourdi slab, post tension slab , hourdi and post tension reduces the quantity of steel.

Blocks used are insulated blocks , normal blocks and solid block, in sub structure the normal blocks solid are used while as in super structure outer areas heat insulated material is used while as inner sides or internal walls hollow blocks are used the size of blocks is 4 inch 6 inch and 8 inch as per standard sizes

plaster is normally done before by masonary but now spray plaster is being used which pumps up plaster on wet surface .


Tiles : procilen , clay tiles

thresholds : Marble: doors : wood marinte, teak, : Almunium: stick system/ unitized system

paint: emulsion paint with premir, : external walls texture

roof: terrazo tiles

Steps/ Stair case : Marble : Rosa Tea, Granite , White Marble,

Lifts: toshiba, mitsubish

sanitaryware: hind ware, grohy. jumbo etc

kitchen cabinet: Marintee wood/ plyboard/ stainless steel / almunium

These are certain basic structural elements we use in construction