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Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Swell Pressure Test on Soil and it's Procedure

What is swell pressure test of soil and it's laboratory procedure?

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Kinldy refer IS 2720: Part 41

Jayden Adams
Construction Assistant

The objective of a swelling pressure test on soil is to determine the swelling pressure of expansive soil when it is not allowed to undergo any volume change. The volume change is arrested or the soil is not allowed to swell in order to test this.

The test determines the intrinsic swelling pressure of the expansive soil. The test is conducted on a consolidometer. More details are explained in IS 2720(Part 41):1977.

The swelling pressure is dependent on the:

Clay Content in the soil Moisture content Stress history Drying and wetting cycles of soil The nature of the pore fluid