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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

Strength of bricks made from red mud+B-Sand/ G-Sand+Cement?

How strong would be the bricks made from red mud+B-Sand/ G-Sand+Cement. The weight of single block is 9 kg. approximately width and breath is equivalent to three normal bricks. This blocks are being used for construction of domestic house in south India, so how safe is it.

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Compressive strength of brick made from mud, sand and cement : Compressive strength :

Compressive strength of mud clay brick: 1.6 -1.9 MPa

Strength of cement-soil mortar:4.19- 6.90 MPa

Compressive strength of cement sand mortar:1.67- 4.77 MPa

Conclusion :

My conclusion based on the research I do related to the above topic is given below;

The compressive strength of mud-brick increases with increasing cement and sand into it.

Thank You.

Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager

They are called Compressed Stabilized Earth Block. They are much better than your regular clay bricks and more durable than hollow blocks as long as they are manufactured under strict quality control.