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Edgar Cooper
Site engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Sketches of types of scaffolding used in building construction

Can i get sketches of types of scaffolding?

Where am I?

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There two main types of scafolds usd in construction industy

1:Putlog scafold

2:independent scafold

their difference is easly seen since the putlog will support itself on the wall where else the independent scafold will support itself

am sorry i couldn't get a good sketch of the same at the moment

thanks Claude

Hi, Scaffolding is a temporary type of structural support to the developing structure made by the workman as it is a platform to carry the construction works. as you asked in the question about the sketches I attached an image. Take a look. Following are some types of scaffolding

Single scaffolding and double scaffolding Suspended and cantilever scaffolding Steel scaffolding Trestle scaffolding Patented scaffolding

For more information about scaffolding and their applications take a look at the below article

Wooden & bamboo scaffolding

Tube and clamp scaffolding

Systems scaffolding

Cuplock Systems Scaffolding

Kwikstage Scaffolding

Haki Scaffolding

Staircase Towers

Frame & Brace Scaffolding

Suspended or Swing Set Scaffolding

Mast Climbing Scaffolding


Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

Types of scaffolding commonly used in building construction: Scaffolding is a temporary reserved structure which is made from steel, bamboo, or timber. The primary purpose of constructing a scaffold is to create a platform on which mason can work at different Heights. The scaffold also helps to let materials for the immediate uses at different heights. Four types of scaffolding that are commonly used in building construction:

Bricklayers scaffolding for single scaffolding Mason's scaffolding for double scaffolding Steel or tubular scaffolding Needle scaffolding for cantilever scaffolding.

Thank you.

The sketches of scaffoldings are :

Trestle scaffolding

2.Steel scaffolding

3.Patented scaffolding

4. Suspended scaffolding

5. Cantilever scaffolding

6. Single scaffolding

7. Double scaffolding

8. Kwikstage scaffolding

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