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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Repair of Concrete in Power Projects

Second stage concrete in gate needs be repair kindly give specifications and methodology to work out at the site.

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Hi, There are many ways of repairing concrete. But the specific methods are used for a specific condition. Please provide detailed information about the problem you faced regarding the repairing concrete and where you want to use in power projects.

Concrete repair: The design life of a building means the life span of buildings and various structures which is normally designed for the specific period of survival. Around us, we come across different types of structures that have stood the test of time. Somehow those structures exhibit distress signs because of a variety of reasons. Reasons like exposure to the environment, a fault within the design, bad workmanship, improper consideration in the design, overloading, and even misuse. For providing the most suitable repair method, we should have to investigate first the cause behind the distress. Here I am discussing very important parameters to which we can decide which repair we can use.

Very low shrinkage property Good Bond strength with the foundation material Setting the property of concrete as well as hardening property of concrete Workability Compatible Coefficient for thermal expansion Non-pollutant and non-toxic Cost-effective Low air and water permeability Alkaline Minimal curing time Ability to withstand the movement induced Aesthetically good

Concrete repairs in nuclear reactors: Basically, the durability of nuclear power plant safety-related concrete structures is really very high. More or less the causes can be related to improper selection of material and design for construction improperness. I will give you here examples of some of these problems:

Strength parameters Voids under post-tensioning tendon Bearing plates Cracking of post-tensioning anchor heads Contentment did Misplaced steel reinforcement. Water contaminated corrosion inhibitor.

Thank You.

Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Raul, you need to provide more details or drawings or images where the concrete needs to be repaired. These details will help us know the real issue and help you with the repair of concrete.