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Flenn Hale
Construction Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Rate analysis concrete block of size 30cm*20cm*15cm of ratio 1:2:4

Rate analysis for block size 30cmx20cmx15cm with mortar ratio of 1:2:4 including labour cost

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Are you asking for The rate of Concrete block or The rate of different items like cement, sand, aggregate?

Rate analysis of concrete block: Important points :

Rate analysis is done for cement mortar in such a way that the quality of cement and sand required for the 1-metre cube of concrete is find out and the sand requirement a for 1-metre cube for various proportions that is 1:2, 1:4, 1:6, 1:8, etc. 1.3-metre cube of cement and sand is required for the 1-metre cube of wet cement mortar because there is the presence of voids in the sand in a dry state.

Tools for cement mortar and Labour estimation :

Semi-skilled labour as are essential for 1-metre cube cement mortar preparation Works are done by labour hour mixing for 0.2 7days

Important note :

Very high charges for the mechanical mixer is to be taken in in a lump sum for mixing 1-metre cube of mortar.

Thank You.

Rate analysis: Rate analysis will simply the quantity of cement and sand required for the 1-meter cube of cement sand mortar. 

Similarly, we can do rate analysis for concrete as well for different proportions. 

Here I am discussing point example of the material required for the 1-meter cube of cement concrete of density 2.3 ton per metre cube and cement sand aggregate ratio is 1:3: 6 

Mix proportion ratio is 1:3:6 (here, maximum 20 nominal sizes of aggregates are used.) 

The total sum is 1+ 3 + 6=10 Dry volume of 1-metre cube concrete is a 1.54-metre cube. 

Hence cement required is a one-tenth part of the 1.54-meter cube which is 0.15-metre cube means to 16 kg means 4.3 bags of 50 kg each.

 If you want to find out the sand quantity then it's 0.46-meter cube means 1.2-ton Aggregate quantity 0.92-metre cube means 1.56 ton of maximum normal size of 20 mm aggregate

I hope so your doubt is clear, thank you.