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Claude Green
CAD technician
Asked a question 2 years ago

Is there any mapping of on going large construction projects in India?

This will help construction professionals to approach to projects for site recruitment. Is there any mapping of ongoing large construction projects in India?

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Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Is there any mapping of on going large construction projects in India?

India metro rail project :

In today’s technological world, an ongoing large construction project is India metro rail project.

Here I will be discussing on India metro rail project in detail.

Introduction :

New metro rail (that is Subway) systems present are in under construction and bringing about so many changes in more than 15 Indian cities.

Important key figures :

  • Length of the operational rout: 673.2 kilometre
  • length of under construction route: 467.87 km
  • Length of the approved route: 457.56 km

Interesting fact:

  • First oldest metro rail system: Kolkata Metro
  • Newest metro rail system: Nagpur Metro
  • Largest metro system: Delhi Metro
  • Smallest metro system: Ahmedabad Metro
Is there any mapping of on going large construction projects in India?

India is a developing country where construction is an important aspect of modern culture.

Following are some ongoing construction projects in India

  1. Gujarat international finance tec-city (GIFT):  Gujarat government constructing this mega project and focusing to promote NTR as a financial power. It costs around dollar 20 billion and the construction area about is about 8.5 million m^2, which include 200 skyscrapers.
  2. Navi Mumbai international airport (NMIA): it is one of the biggest airport projects in India we’re focusing on greenfield. Around 10 million passengers annually from land and fly. City and industrial development corporation (CIDCO) is the main organisation which handling this project. It covers around the 11.6-kilometre square where two runways parallel to each other have a plant to construct and a terminal building.
  3. NDMC- North Delhi municipal corporation is going to construct 8 storey car parking which is around 4261 m^2 near the Karol Bagh metro station. It is funded by the Delhi Development Authority. Total estimation cost is around rupees 90 2.34 crore. It helps the city to reduce the shrinkage parking biotechnology of multilevel car parking. In this project around 900 costs at Rajendra Nagar near Karol Bagh, metro station is going to park in the multilevel car parking station. This project has 300 ground floors.
  4. Water supply and sewerage board of Hyderabad metropolitan city planning to construct a water supply distribution network: this project is under Larsen and turbo. This project provides a distribution of water supply network to the perils of circles which include 650-kilometre pipeline network with a 20 water storage reservoirs. This project is sanctioned by the state government under the ‘water supply distribution network project for the peripheral circles of GHMC’. Total cost is around rupees 1900 crores.