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Asked a question 2 years ago

I want to do PCC concrete by hand mixing(using excavator) ,because at that site mixer machine or trsnsit mixer can't go . Can you please tell me any international standard according to which i can get acceptance from my Consultant . Thanks

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

First of all, I do not know how you are planning to hand mix PCC with an excavator.
However, PCC can be hand mixed and laid without compromising any quality issues.
Follow the below-given points-

  1. PCC is allowed to be done by hand-mixing for small-scale works or special cases (as yours).
  2. The base on which the PCC is mixed must be a clean, watertight slab or a steel platform.
  3. Sand and cement are mixed thoroughly, followed by the addition of coarse aggregate.
  4. Lastly, water is added, and the mixture is mixed properly to gain an even color and consistency.

To know more about the material specification, proportioning, laying, and curing methods of PCC, read from the article given below-
Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)- Work Procedure209