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Louisa Gay
Asked a question 2 years ago

I have a brick veneer home, circa 1988, with no weeps (not code back then in Virginia). I recognize that the air space is critical to keeping inside elements free from moisture and so far I have no evidence in the full basement to indicate otherwise. Rim joist looked pristine but unfortunately I covered them with closed cell spray foam three years ago, but still no water issues. There is a post from a gentlemen that stated the brick ledge on a poured concrete wall is actually larger than 4 inches due to the use of nominal lumber. I presume he meant a 4 inch ledge required the use of 6 inch lumber giving a 5.5 inch ledge. My basement was a ranch with a 12 inch wall which includes the 4 inch brick ledge. So do you believe I have a 5.5 inch ledge or a 4 inch ledge. I know they used concrete forms but I cannot locate historical information on what the sizes might have been back then. Thank you, L.

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