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Rodney Turner
Structural Engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hybrid Reinforced Concrete with Banana Fibers Project

I am doing a project on "Hybrid reinforced concrete with steel and banana fibres. What should be the procedure to carry out this project? Please guide me.

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Reinforced concrete construction requires compressive strength and certain properties such as workability and durability. When adding banana fibers with concrete, I have no idea what property of concrete you are trying to modify. Can you share more details about your project on what are your thoughts while selecting this topic? Which property of concrete will it affect? 

For your project topic, you can divide your research in two parts: 

  • Effect on fresh concrete 
  • Effect on hardened concrete. 

Effect on fresh concrete 

The most important effect on fresh concrete will be its workability. While adding banana fibers in concrete, please check for its effect on workability at various proportions of banana fibers with cement at a constant water content. 

Then change the water content and retry tests for workability at different banana fibers content. 

Based on the result, you can select the optimum water content and banana fibers. 

Effect on hardened concrete 

Effect on hardened concrete is its compressive strength at 28 days. For various proportions of banana fibers and water cement ratio, you must evaluate its effect on concrete compressive strength. These tests must be carried out for various water content ratio and banana fiber contents.

 A study must also be conducted for what will be the life of banana fibers inside concrete? Will it decay? What happens when it decays? 

Based on your feedback about what is your actual goal, I can provide other guidelines.

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