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Jacqueline Wade
Environmental engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

How we can reduce wastage of Concrete during pumping of concrete?

How we can reduce wastage of Concrete during pumping of concrete?

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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

By the following way you can reduce concrete wastage during pumping or convetional concrete method.

  1. By proper measuring quantity of RCC work from plan.
  2. Have at least one extra pump on site during large concrete work.
  3. Have one waste concrete segregation pit at RMC plant.
  4. Site supervisor shoul be in touch at RMC plant when mixing or create the concrete for work.
  5. Labors should be such like that they doing proper concreting.
  6. You should have to ensure that pump is not faulty or leakage.
Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

Estimate pouring speed and match it production speed to avoid waiting and approaching it’s setting time, keep home work-ready with trials for options (e.g., redosing with SP) for reusing leftover concrete, inform Batching plant when 10% of the pour is balanced and reduce trucks carrying concrete thereafter, explore the scope for casting precast blocks from leftover / used in testing, etc. concrete,
Deploy a supervisor to be in touch with Batching Plant from site to hold or slow down concrete supply if there is any issue at the site, keep critical spare parts of Concrete Pumps, etc. available at site 24 x 7, deploy an experienced Pump operator and a Concrete specialist at the site

1. Small precast forms(curbs, drain slabs, etc., which are needed in the project) to be kept ready at the site near the RMC pouring area fresh concrete waste needs to be handled into these forms. Optimum labor to be maintained to handle these operations.

2. Retrieve the aggregates by washing off the waste concrete.

3. Order the right quantity of concrete required to finish the pour, hence reducing the wastage.

4. Have at least one spare pump at the site when pouring a large quantity of concrete.

5. Have the right waste concrete segregation pits at RMC plants to wash the wet concrete and to retrieve the coarse aggregates.