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Calvin Ray
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How to repair Honeycombs in Column?

How to repair Honeycombs in Column?

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How to repair Honeycombs in Column?

Causes of honeycombing in the column:

  1. Improper mixing ratio
  2. Vibrating not done properly
  3. Use of excessive stiff concrete.
  4. Use of figure size of aggregate in concrete during mixing.
  5. Curing not done properly

Following are the remedies of honeycombing in the column:

  1. the spacing of reinforcement should be maintained properly so that the vibrating needle goes middle in of the column and operating properly. If the spacing of reinforcement and stirrups is less, this illustrates the vibrating operations.
  2. In a column, strictly use of less than 20 mm aggregate used to reduce honeycombing defects.
  3. Tapping the shuttering with the help of wooden hammer during concreting this helps for minimising the honeycomb being up to great extent.
  4. Use of a thinner needle, it may be less than 25 mm. This allows vibrating at in very less space in the column.

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Mike Rhodes
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Honeycombs, especially in columns, have to be repaired with great care since colors are very crucial to structural failure. Follow these steps :

  1. Firstly, all loose concrete from the honeycomb should be strictly removed. Use a light chipping hammer (<7kg) to remove all the loosened coarse aggregates and mortar. Then use a brush to wipe off the remaining mortar. Follow this with sandblasting or water blasting followed by drying. Finally, just brush the surface once again.
  2. Next step: measure the depth of the area you are grouting. If the honeycombs are greater than one inch deep at multiple spots, note it down.
  3. Now, either wet the exposed surface, or apply chemi-fix glue.
  4. Now, prepare the grouting mix with mix proportions 1:4 and w/c ratio = 0.35. Remember, at all costs. The grout should be non-shrink.
  5. For applying, either trowel the grout into the honeycomb or for better results, use a small pneumatic mortar gun. If the voids we’re deeper than one inch, apply in layers of thickness <= 3/4 inch and wait 30 minutes between each layer.
  6. Overfill the honeycombs with grout a little bit. When everything dries up, trim or smooth off the excess from center to edges.

repairs of honeycomb in column steps are as follow

  1. clean surface by apply compressed air blow and brush application
  2. now wash the surface
  3. dry the surface
  4. apply bonding chemical like various bonding chemical from sika and dr fix it brand.
  5. now apply cement grout slurry with pneumatic pressure nearly about 350–700 kPa
  6. give proper curing which describe in grouting specification
  7. you column repair now, now you can build further
How to repair Honeycombs in Column?

A= before repair

B= after repair.


For repairing Honeycomb in Concrete you have follow below procedure:-

1. Remove all loose aggregate and concrete particles with the help of wire brush.

2. Now clean the surface finer and remove all particles.

3. Let the surface dry and well and now apply chemi-fix glue on the area.

4. Now mix the concrete grout with white cement and water as per requirement.

5. Now apply the paste into the affected area and fill all Honeycomb completely.

How to repair Honeycombs in Column?