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Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to prepare Construction Quotations and Estimate?

I am really happy to join and I would like to ask what are items to be taken into consideration when preparing quotation for construction works and approximate cost of each item on the post of construction work supervisor. Simply I would like to ask when I get a job of supervisor and the client asks to present quotation for work.

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Preparation of quotation for construction works depends on the type of work to be carried out. Whenever a quotation is required by the client for particular work, they provide the detailed specification of works to be carried out. For example, if quote for brickwork is required by the client, the details about type of work such as brickwork in superstructure or substructure, or at particular height, the mix proportion of cement and sand, etc. are provided. All you have to do is to estimate the unit rate for the brickwork for the given specification of the work and provide the rate to the client. For estimating unit rate of brickwork, the cost of materials such as bricks, cement, sand and water, the labor required for unit work done, cost / rent of tools and equipment, contractor's profit, contingencies etc. need to be calculated and summed up. Thus to estimate the cost of unit quantity of particular work, the cost of materials, tools, equipment, labor, transportation, profit, contingencies etc. shall be considered for the calculation.