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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to perform estimation for a steel gate?

How to do estimation fo steel gate?

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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

Some of the below mentioned elements can help you to get an idea to estimate the cost :-

1. Gates square meters have a great impact on the final price.

2. The model of the gate can vary the price.

3. Treatments done to wrought steel pieces lower future maintenance cost.

4. Quality of the steel also vary the price.

Following item of work should be found out while doing the estimation of steel gate:

  1. Earthwork
  2. Concrete work
  3. Reinforced concrete cement
  4. Brickwork
  5. Steelwork
  6. Finishing

For every item of work, the following terms should be calculated:

  • Quantity unit
  • Rate
  • Amount

Thanking You.

Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

It all depends on the style and size that you have chosen.

Find out rates of steel gates according to your size and style requirements in your area. Bcoz rates differ from area to area

I am providing rates in india

  • Steel and wood panelled gates – 250/sq ft
  • Stainless steel gate – 750/sq ft
  • Hinged Stainless Steel Gate, Material Grade: Ss304 – 400/sq ft
  • MS Laser Design Gates – 450/ Sq Ft
  • Exclusive Stainless Steel SS Main Gate, For Residential – 2,500/ Sq Ft
  • Steel gate – 1/piece
  • Doorwin Hinged Steel Gates – 5,500/ Sq Mtr
  • Steel Gate 304 – 1200/sq ft
  • Silver 1 Stainless Steel Safety Gate – 1600/sq ft
  • Mild Steel Steel Gate – Rs 130/Kg
  • Modern Steel Gates – 1,000/ Square Feet
  • Mild Steel Manual Steel Gate – 110/ Kg
  • Steel Gate With Glass Fittings – 300/ Kilogram
  • Silver Designer SS Swing Gate – 1850/sq ft
  • Sterling Arch Stainless Steel Gates – 1,250/ Sq Ft

and many more styles and rates you can find on internet

Estimation of gates or steel for doors or Window grills depends upon the length and width of the structure.

It also depends upon the design that we adopted for construction and types of joints example welding etc. So the estimation of steel gates is different for different sizes.

For small-sized windows, less quantity of steel is required thus cost decreases. and for big windows, a large amount of steel is required which increases cost.

In market door grills are of following types:

  1. SS laser cutting grills – 850/ sq feet
  2. Safety door grill- 950/sq. Feet
  3. Stainless steel door grills- 600/sq. Feet
  4. Matt, mirror stainless steel gates- 1,200/sq. Feet
  5. Cross pattern door grills- 30/sq. Feet
  6. Laminated door grills- 250/sq. Feet

So the estimation cost of door grills is depended upon square feet area,  design and types of materials used.