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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to Mix Geopolymer Concrete?

Please give the complete details about mixing of geopolymer concrete

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Sir, The geopolymer concrete is the concrete which is created by the reaction of aluminate and silicate bearing materials with a caustic activator. It is more useful to keep environment more clean. It is an innovative type of concrete which have numerous advantages.

Geopolymer concrete: Actually, the geopolymer gel forms the C-S-H gel in concrete cement. C-S-H stands for calcium silicate hydrate gel, it is formed when water is added to the cement and hydration process will take place. The response period is very quick and the river relieving period should be in between 24 to 48 hours. Geopolymer concrete is manufactured with the help of waste material like fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag. First, we have to process the fly ash as well as ground granulated blast furnace slag before its actual use to make polymer concrete.

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Geopolymer concrete : Here I will give a simple definition of geopolymer concrete, its application, first structural building constructed using geopolymer concrete and it's mix design. They are as follows;

Definition :

A type of concrete which is made by reacting aluminate and silicate bearing materials with caustic Activator is called as geopolymer concrete.

Interesting note :

Generally following waste materials are used for the production of geopolymer concrete which helps to lead environment clear, they are as follows;

Fly ash Slag from iron Slag from other metal

Application of geopolymer concrete :

Construction of pavements Retaining walls Water tanks Precast Bridge decks

Most important recent construction using geopolymer concrete :

The University of Queensland's Global Change Institute (GCI) = world's first structural building.

the speciality of geopolymer concrete :

Fly ash is used instead of cement as a binding material

Mix proportion of geopolymer concrete :

Fly ash: fine aggregate: coarse aggregate = 1:1.5:3.3 Combined Solution used =NaOH & Na 2SiO3 Fly ash : 0.35

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Kent Welch
Planning and development surveyor

Geopolymer is an inorganic alumino-silicate polymer, blended from mainly silicon and aluminum material, for example, fly ash. Alkaline solutions are utilized, to instigate the silicon and aluminum atoms; in the source materials (fly ash), to disintegrate to form a gel. The polymerization procedure might be helped by applied heat, followed by drying. The Geopolymer gel ties the free coarse and fine aggregates to shape geopolymer concrete. Geopolymer gel supplants the C–S–H gel in concrete cement. The concoction response period is generously quick, and the necessary relieving period might be inside 24 to 48 hours.

It is manufactured by the implementation of waste materials like fly ash and GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag). Fly ash and GGBS are processed before being used in the form of geopolymer concrete in concrete works.

The main constituents of geopolymer concrete include fly ash (GGBS), a combination of fine and coarse aggregates also an alkaline activator solution.

Geopolymer concrete has an outstanding compressive strength of 70 MPa (N/mm2)

It produces less drying shrinkage and low heat of hydration as compared to cement concrete. It is also more acid-resistant.

Geo polymer concrete are the concrete which are eco friendly concrete. This type of concrete is made from the fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag from the iron industry and aluminum industry. This concrete helps in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions

Geopolymer Concrete is defined as the polymerization of rock-based materials. There are various steps to prepare geopolymer concrete.