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Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to minimize HCL acid fume and save the building and other mild steel structure from corrosion?

HCL acid widely use in food industry for conducting CIP works (Cleaning in place) and home care industry for making toilet cleaner. If we release the fume on an environment where building and other Mild still structure exist, it damages the structure badly. What to do to get rid of from this problem. How to release the fume so that it can not be leak.

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How to minimize HCL acid fume and save the building and other mild steel structure from corrosion?

Corrosion protection:

Corrosion of steel elements in a facade system may cause failure that can adversely affect building performance.

Preventing or minimising the potential of Steel corrosion in a building involves;

  • Examination of the surrounding environment
  • Proper design of the facade system
  • Selecting a suitable Steel grade
  • Choosing an appropriate coating
  • Undertaking maintenance regularly.
  • Development of environmentally friendly and low-cost nanocoatings
  • Establishing locally validated corrosion rates of Steel elements.

Thank you.

Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

First of all, HCL does not react with clean steel, and it positively does not react with the metals which are alloyed within the steel. What HCL does is react with the oxide FeO, on the surface of the steel. This process is known in the steel business as “pickling”. When steel is hot-rolled and stored for some time, it develops the oxide FeO on the surface. This oxide is very abrasive and would damage the rolls in the next processing step, which is cold rolling of the steel to a thinner gauge. So, the hot-rolled coils are run through a “pickle line”, where they are subjected to aqueous HCl, which removes the FeO. The coils are then clean (no FeO on the surface) and fit for cold rolling.

Well Fume hoods are used to minimize HCL acid fume.