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Daphne Lei
Formwork & Scaffolding Expert
Asked a question last year

How to inspect the effect of casting?

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

Post concrete inspection of concrete structures is essential to check for any damage or defects that may require repair. Immediately after stripping the formwork, all concrete members cast are carefully inspected and any defective work or small defects are either removed or made good before the concrete has thoroughly hardened. Post concrete inspection involves both eye inspection and testing of concrete to achieve its goals.

The post-concrete inspection of buildings may be conducted by a site engineer or foreman. The report produced would serve as a guide for the site engineers to repair defects prior to full acceptance of the structure.
A complete post concrete checklist is given in the article link below. 

To see the post pour inspection like;

1- Is there any honeycomb?

2- Is there any cracks?

3- Any defect of concrete due to lack of curing 

4- Imperfection in finishing