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Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Asked a question 3 years ago

How to Inspect Painting Works in Building?

Is there any procedure or method statement or guideline for inspection of painting works in buildings?

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Hi, Inspection is mainly for maintenance and modifications in paintings.

 Proper steps for inspection of any painting works are not mentioned in any codes. But following are some suggestions for inspection and maintenance, please go through an article,

Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager

There isn't any procedure or method statement but there are some guidelines for inspecting painting works in building, they are as follows ; 

  • At first you should check the colour of your house, whether it is the same colour which you have chosen from the shade card or not. Also check that the colour scheme has been strictly followed. 
  • Check that the paint on the walls does not drip. If signs of drips or dried drops are visible then immediately inform the painter to sand it down & retouch it because if it dries then sagging defect may happen. 
  • Check that all the house paint is applied evenly and is free from runs & sags. 
  • Check that the painted wall surface is smooth by running your hands along the walls for the imperfections. 
  • Check whether the original colours are covered properly with the new colour coat. 
  • Also check for the edges of the walls and make sure these lines are straight and sharp. Thus, uneven lines are signs of imperfections in workmanship of the painters. 
  • Check whether caulking is done, also make sure that there is no leakage behind the trims or the ceiling and walls should be clean, straight and sharp. 
  • At the corners of windows and doors, the coverage of paints should be even. 
  • The lines between ceiling and trims or the ceiling and walls should be clean, straight and sharp. 
  • Check if all the painted surfaces has been repaired such as nail holes, cracks, peeling paints and other defects & also check the paints near switch plates and outlet covers. 
  • The brush marks and any other spots or patches should not be visible. 
  • Check that all the stains of paint from floor, window glasses, grills, switch plates, etc have been carefully removed.