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Guy Barnes
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to do visual checks on the reinforcement bar at site?

How to do visual checks on the reinforcement bar at site?

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The test of reinforcement bar at site are as follows;

  • The dia of reinforced bar should not vary.
  • Bars should not be brittle in nature.It135 should no break in pieces during bending.
  • The pitch length between the twist should be 8 – 12 times that of the nominal dia of bar.
  • The length of the bar should be between 11 to 12 meters.
  • Reinforced bars should be grey in color.
  • It should not be corroded.
  • Bars should be free of grease, paint and other material.

Check for brand and grade of the steel which is mentioned on the bar. Check for diameter of the steel. Check for corrosion of the bar, it should not have any rust. Also we can check the Manufacturers Test certificate which will come along with the steel.

These are all visual checks we can do immediately at site level.

Denise Ramos
Region Operations Manager

You can check the quality of reinforcement at the site in three ways.

1. Mass per run meter – take 4 number of cutting bar of length 1 meter and check the average length and weight of each and check the mass per run meter.

2. Bend test – bend test should be followed IS code 1599, and the rebar sample should be bend 180° as per IS 1599.

3. Rebend test – first bend the rebar sample at 135°, and after that, keep it in boiling water of 100° C for 30 mins. After cool it down, bend it into 157.5°, and rebar should not show the crack or any rupture during this bend.

Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

For visual checks on the reinforcement bar at site you can do following step.

  1. check for manufacture seal which is present at every meter of steel.
  2. the bars should not be rusty..
  3. check for weight of steel in bundle.
  4. check if the rods are of equal length.
  5. check for overall quality of steel.
  1. All Reinforcement bars of grade as per drawings eg. …
  2. Beam Size is as per structural drawing.
  3. The diameter and number of both straight and curtailed bars as per the structural drawing.
  4. 25mm cover blocks are provided in bottom and sides of beams.