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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
Asked a question last year

How to determination of Consistency of Cement as per IS Code?

How to determination of Consistency of Cement as per IS Code? Is there any reference for taking 400gm of cement for the consistency test?

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As Per IS Code 4031:

The standard Consistency of a cement is defined as " A consistency which allow the Vicat Plunger to penetrate to a point 5 mm to 7 mm from the bottom of the mould".

Procedure To Determine The Consistency Of the Cement:

1- Prepare the cement paste weighed 300 grams with potable water of known quantity.

2-Taking utmost care that preparation time is between 3 mins to 5 mints and do not exceed the time.

3-Fill the vicat mould with cement paste.

4-Smooth the top layer of the cement paste.

5-Trowel should be use for all the above process to determine the normal consistency of cement.

6- Place the sample under the rod bearing the plunger.

7- Lower the plunger slowly to touch the surface of the test block and quickly release it, allowing it to penetrate in the paste.

8- Write the record depth of the penetration.

9- Try it on others samples with different amount of water, test it as the above procedure.


Standard Consistency (%) = Weight of water added /Weight of cement *100

Answer to 2nd Question:

There is no refrence of taking 400gms of cement for consistency test,as per IS CODE 4031.

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