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Flenn Hale
Construction Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

How to center the column in column construction?

How to center the column in column construction?

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How to center the column in column construction?

Centring of the column is done during the placing of layout on-site with the help of rope and plumb Bob.

For the construction of column following are the steps performed,

  1. Column layout
  2. Reinforcement of column
  3. Column formwork
  4. Concrete pouring

Centring of the column is done with the help of plumb bob and rope. Plumb Bob placed vertically from the top of rope point and it touches to the ground. Mark the point where plumbob touch the ground and done the PCC work.

What checking the vertical alignment, old a plumb bob at the top at any one edge of the column and inspect the plumb Bob is vertically straight and just touch the bottom offset of the column. If plumb Bob is inclined at some angle, then check its inclination where it shows the column is not vertical and inclined by some angle.

Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

Align the column on site

The most common and easiest method adopted on the site and instantly find out the vertical alignment of any type of column is the Plumb-Bob method.

First, you have to place the plumb on any side at the top of the column, and observe the of Bob, it should not be lying on the column and should not be hanging like a pendulum, it should just touch the column boundary.

Repeat the same on all sides of the column.

According to Bob inclination, you will know whether the column is aligned or not, if not, then in which direction it is inclined.

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