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Soham Ortiz
Field Engineer
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How PH value of water influence in construction?

How PH value of water influence in construction?

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Neutral mixing water is desirable for concrete in any case.

A concrete with pore solution with a pH less than 6 can quickly corrode down steel reinforcement and also corrode the concrete mix. It makes the concrete excessively porous with the passage of time and the increase in porosity speeds up the corrosion process.

An alkaline mixing water facilitates the alkali-aggregate reaction (concrete cancer) which is the biggest enemy of concrete. Also, pH higher than 10 significantly corroded the steel reinforcement too.

How PH value of water influence in construction?

Influence of PH value of water in the construction field:


  • PH value of natural freshwater is 7.
  • If the PH value is above 7 then the water is alkaline in nature.
  • If the PH value is less than 7 then the water is acidic in nature.


cement to effectively hold numerals components within it with suitable proportion then water should have a PH around 11

Whenever the pH value decreases below than 6.5 then the concrete structure starts to deteriorate.

when the pH value of water is 3 or less than 3 then it is one of the most dangerous tasks in front of a civil engineer. Concrete will become porous in nature as the pH value decreases.

The PH value is very important in construction activities, particularly for reinforced cement concrete as it is a composite material created with embedded steel bars. If the PH value of water is less than 7 which is the neutral value for good drinking water, then the water will be acidic. The cement concrete’s PH value for fresh concrete will be 12 to 13. This indicates that the concrete is alkaline which gives passivity to protect steel bars from getting corroded. If the water having less PH value than 6, it will start neutralizing the PH value of concrete from 12, to 7 and less, the long lasting alkaline passivity of concrete is considerably reduced, triggering the corrosion chmesity for steel and destroy the steel over a period.