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Claude Green
CAD technician
Asked a question 2 years ago

How Construction Sector can Reduce the Carbon Emission?

What efforts are needed by the construction sector to reduce carbon emission? As per one report, construction and the built-up environment is responsible for 45% of Carbon emission.

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Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager
How Construction Sector can Reduce the Carbon Emission?

Nearly 80% of carbon emission is due to building construction.

With the help of some following points construction sector can definitely reduce carbon emission :

  • Every building should be implemented carbon capture and storage(CCS) technology in their building.
  • Construct that type of building which consume very less amount of energy
  • Any kind of building either it is residential or commercial, it should be used renewable energy source.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) Technology :

  • Can capture carbon dioxide emission and store it permanently, hence CO2 don’t into the atmosphere and it is not responsible for climate change
Manuel Mason
Purchasing Coordinator

We can reduce the emission of gases in the construction industry by applying the following steps;

1- By implementing smart and efficient materials which are more durable and cheap. Also, it causes less pollution while they are manufacturing in the factory.

2- Eliminating material waste on the design stage could decrease the emission of gases by 18% in the atmosphere.

3- Finding alternative material to the cement and steel in the construction industry for the construction of buildings and other structures because only cement contributes 32% of all the emissions in the world from material consumption.

4- Giving subsidies and tax-exemption for those eco-friendly buildings which are environment-friendly and sustainable use materials like bamboo are used.

5- Reusing building material and waste in a creative way to build new houses and flats is a step which also helps in the reduction of global gases.

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