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Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor
Asked a question last year

Explain various types of Roof covering materials?

Explain various types of Roof covering materials?

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There are lot of roof covering material that can be used are listed below:

  1. Metal roofing
  2. Solar roofing
  3. Asphalt shingles roofing
  4. Stone coated steel roofing
  5. Clay or concrete tiles
  6. Rubber slat roofing
  7. Built up roofing

i asked for explaination. I too have the list of materials that you answered.

Here, I will be discussing the concrete tile roofing materials. concrete tile: The concrete tile consists of nearly 70% sand, 20% cement, nearly 9% water & only 1%pigment plus some additive. The manufacturing method of concrete tile:

Extrusion Wet pressing Core molding & vibration molding.

Thank You.

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