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Lillian Holmes
Director of Public Works
Asked a question 2 years ago

Explain the step by step process for Concrete Mix Design?

Explain the step by step process for concrete mix design?

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Please find attached PDF of the mix design steps with full references of IS codes, and stepwise procedure.

Material data is from the site testing.

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Thank you


For a step-by-step process of the mix, design refer IS 10262:2009.

Also refer ACI 211.1, for details of mix design and the calculation of quantity.

You may also refer IS 456: 2000 for curing and other properties of it also gives the idea of durability and strength of structures.

Concrete Mix Design Made Easy

Step 1: Slump Flow. 

Step 2: Aggregate Size. 

Step 3: Mixing Water and Air Content. 

Step 4: Concrete Strength and Water/Cement Ratio. 

Step 5: Coarse Aggregate. 

Step 6: Fine Aggregate. 

Step 7: Adjustment for Moisture in Aggregates. 

Step 8: Summary Design.

For further details refer IS Code or can see the article on this site only