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Soham Ortiz
Field Engineer
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Explain the Procedure for the Determination of Setting Time of Concrete?

Explain the procedure for the determination of setting time of concrete? What is the importance of this test ?

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Test for setting time-based on ASTM C403M - 16


  • Container 
  • penetration needles: 
  • Temping road: 16 mm in diameter and 600 mm length 
  • Pipet: withdrawal of bleed water from the surface. 
  • Thermometer 
  • Stopwatch

Preparation of sample:

  • Prepared a 3 specimen 
  • Sieve cement from 4.75 mm IS sieve. 
  • Make a cement paste by adding water. 
  • Make that cement paste non-absorptive 
  • Measure the temperature of the Mortar. 
  • Place that mortar in the container. 
  • Remove all the voids and by tamping via tamping rod. 
  • Level the surface.


  • Remove bleed water from the surface by pipet. 
  • By measuring the degree of Mortar, then select a suitable size needle. 
  • take the point of the needle into contact with the mortar paste. 
  • Allow a needle to penetrate freely into the mortar paste up to a depth of 25 mm. 
  • Record the time elapsed between the initial contact of cement and water and the penetration of the needle into the mortar paste. Indicates the setting of cement. 
  • Calculate penetration resistance= Recorded Force / Bearing area of the needle.

The time between the contact of water to cement and makes the cement sets is called a setting time of cement.