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Edgar Cooper
Site engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Explain the construction of IPS flooring?

Explain the construction of IPS flooring?

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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

IPS flooring generally stands for Indian Patent Stone which is also considered as a cheap flooring. The constituent of this type of flooring is cement, admixture, down 10mm coloured/white chips mixed with required water of around 35-50 mm thick on rcc/pcc surface. It is done through panel system making by glass trip/aluminium strip. Flotter can be used to surface smooth.

IPS floor can be used for all types of floors.

Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
Explain the construction of IPS flooring?

Indian Patent stone type of flooring(IPS flooring):


  • IPS flooring is used for all types of floors
  • Generally, used mix proportion of IPS flooring is  1:1.5: 3 (cement: sand: stone aggregate)
  • Normally used thickness is 50 mm

Construction of IPS flooring includes the following important parameters:

  1. Glass/ PVC/ Aluminium strips for Indian Patent stone flooring
  2. Ceramic tile flooring cost per square feet India
  3. Concreting method of 50 mm thick Indian Patent stone flooring
  4. 75 mm thick IPS floor in construction
  5. Mode of measurement of Indian Patent stone flooring
  6. IPS in skirting/ dado of 19 mm thick
  7. Glass strip for IPS flooring
  8. PVC strip for IPS flooring
  9. Measurement of PVC strip glass strip for IPS flooring

Construction procedure for 50 mm thick IPS flooring:

  • The mix proportion of 1:2:4 (i.e. one part of cement: two-part of course sand: four parts of graded stone aggregates of size 12.5 mm and downgraded) of 38 mm thickness is required for 50 mm thick IPS flooring under the layer of concrete.
  • The above flooring shall be laid in some panels of equal sizes of to square metre or suggested by architect.
Peter Smith
Heating and ventilation engineer

Construction Process of IPS flooring 

  1. clean floor by water wash and application of brush
  2. after cleaning, level mark are done by spirit leveling at 2-3 meter interval on surrounding wall
  3. after proper level setting, concrete dummy dote are constructed at a 2 to 3 square meter area.
  4. now concrete in specified mixed should be pour in panel.
  5. after pouring of concrete, surface to be leveled  with A straight edge and surface with wooden float or trowel.
  6. cement punning 2 to 3 mm thicker is spread over IPS flooring to archive glossy look of  floor.
  7. curing period of minimum 15 day is required after construction.
  8. other fiber may be use to prevent cracks.
  9. sometime vacuum dewatering machine also use to get very hard surface of concrete floor.
Explain the construction of IPS flooring?

Indian Patent Flooring (IPS) is a normal type of concrete flooring.

Construction procedure:

  • Make reference level on the wall. It is transferred across all the floor area.
  • Flooring thickness to be marked and also dummy level dots should be provided in every 1 to 2m
  • After proper setting, concrete of desired mix should be poured in panels to minimize shrinkage cracks.
  • After pouring level the surface with trowel.
  • Allow it to harden for about 36 hours
  • For gloosy and smooth IPS flooring, neat cement pinning, 2 to 3 mm thick is spread over the concrete surface and allowed to soak.
  • For curing of IPS flooring surface pond or wet Hessian cloths are spread over the surface for 15 days.