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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist
Asked a question 2 years ago

Dry density of soil for Construction of Swimming Pool

Hey, am constructing a private swimming pool, Its quiet bigger. So i did a compaction soil test. Lab test: Dry density of my compaction soil is 1.92Mg/m3 Site test: Shows 80% to 90% of density by radiation scanning process. Laboratory said minimum 95% required to pass the compaction test. Please note this process and required percentage is to build a building. But mine is swimming pool, not as same load as a building which comprise huge columns and beams. My question is, how i can prove this density is enough to carry swimming pool load? and also i want to know what is the dry density of soil required to carry 100N?

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Hi, All the collected data is very useful for the properties of soil gradation, density, bearing capacity, shrink and swell potential, lateral earth pressure and groundwater condition. Dry density is used to determine the appropriate structural design for the pool shell. Most critical soil property is swell potential which is highly influencing factor for structural design.