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Discuss types of damages in Column, Beam and Slabs? Discuss in detail how damages of those members can be repaired?

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

Hello Babar,
The type of damages and their causes to the structural members such as columns, beams, slabs are due to one of the following reasons-
(click on the links to know in detail about the type of damage and its causes)

  1. Sliding of Roofs off the Supports17
  2. Falling of Infill Walls12
  3. Crushing of Column Ends and Virtual Hinging11
  4. Short Column Effect9
  5. Diagonal Cracking in the Columns8
  6. Diagonal Cracking of Column Beam Joint10
  7. Pulling Out of the Reinforcing Bars12
  8. Collapse of Gable Frames9
  9. Foundation Sinking and Tilting10

The damages to the structural members can be repaired by following the below-given steps-(click on the links to know in detail about the steps involved in the repair of structural members)

  1. Determine Causes of Concrete Defects14
  2. Assess the Extent of Concrete Damage10
  3. Evaluate the Need for Concrete Repair11
  4. Select Concrete Repair Method11
  5. Prepare Damaged Concrete for Repair10
  6. Apply Suitable Repair Method10
  7. Cure Repaired Concrete8