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Claude Green
CAD technician
Asked a question 2 years ago

Difference between OPC 53 &OPC 43 grade of cement according to the initial and final setting time of cement.

Difference between OPC 53 &OPC 43 grade of cement according to the initial and final setting time of cement.

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OPC 43 :- The 43 grade OPC is the most popular general-purpose cement in the country today. The production of 43 grade OPC is nearly 50% of the total production of cement in the country. This OPC43 continues to gain strength after 28 days.

OPC 53 :- The 53 grade OPC is higher strength cement to meet the needs of the consumer for higher strength concrete. As per BIS requirements the minimum 28 days compressive strength of 53 grade OPC should not be less than 53 Mpa. Therefore, there is a vast difference in setting time of these cements. It sets very quicker and has low initial setting time. These types of cement can be used where rapid hardening is not needed.

 43 Grade53 Grade
IS CodeIS 8112IS 12269

Comp strength at 27°C


3 days

7 days

28 days



23 N/mm2

33 N/mm2

43 N/mm2



27 N/mm2

37 N/mm2

53 N/mm2

Initial strength gain

Continues to gain strength after 28th day


Ultimate strength will be the same for both

Early strength gain
Heat of hydrationMediumFaster







₹305/50kg bag

₹325/50kg bag



₹365/50kg bag

₹395/50kg bag

For concrete M20 & above grades, 8 – 10% saving is achieved

UsesPCC & RCC works upto M30 grade, plastering, tiling, Brick & stone masonry, flooring, pathways, etc. Finishes of all types of bldg’s, bridges, culverts, roads, water retaining structures.

All RCC structures like footing, column, beam & slab.


RCC works where grade of concrete is M30 & above, High rise bldg’s, industrial works. Precast concrete items such as paving blocks, tiles bldg. blocks, pipes, railway sleepers, poles, etc.

Cold weather concreting, cement groiuts, instant plugging, etc.

Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

OPC 43 means that the cement is expected to reach a compressive strength of 43 MPa in a cube cast by 28 days. Similarly, OPC 53 reaches 53 MPa by 28 days.

There is a contrasting difference in the setting times of these cements. OPC 53 sets quicker than OPC 43 and has a quite low initial setting time. It is used in structures where rapid strength gain is required like large load bearing structures like bridges, huge buildings, etc. OPC 43 on the other hand doesn’t set so quickly and has a normal initial and final setting time. It is hence used where rapid hardening is not necessary like flooring, plastering, etc.