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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Difference between jamb and corbel.

Difference between jamb and corbel ?

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Mike Rhodes
Land and property valuer and auctioneer
Difference between jamb and corbel.

Jamb and corbel are two different technical terms used in masonry.

The difference in between jam and corbel are discussed below;

1) Definition:

  • Jamb– A finished vertical sides of the opening of Window or door is called as a jamb.
  • corbel- A supporting a stone projecting outside from the wall is called a corbel.

2) Function:

  • Jamb– jamb is provided at the recess to receive the frames of doors and frames of Windows
  • Corbel– corbel is provided to give support to joist, truss and weather shed.
  • Jamb has two types:
  1. Plane jamb
  2. Splayed jamb
  • Mostly Corbel is moulded to give ornamental treatment to the structure.
  • The corbel should be extended at least two-thirds of their length into the wall hence they can’t overturn out of the wall.


Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent


Jamb is a side post of a doorway. Hip chains are provided outside the window it is called as reveals. It is a vertical ocean on both sides of the door which is used as a supporting member for the door.

Corbel is a type of bracket which is made up of stone or wood or any type of metal used to carry the superincumbent weight. It is providing as a support for the offset load on the joint of column and slab. It may be decorative and sculptures.