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Jordan Holt
Safety Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Describe the hand mix process of concrete on the floor?

Describe the hand mix process of concrete on the floor?

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant
Describe the hand mix process of concrete on the floor?

Let’s discuss some important precautions that we should keep in our mind while doing hand mixing of concrete. They are as follows ;

  • Hand mixing should be used for small concrete preparation
  • Hand mixing platform should be watertight and it should be impervious
  • Mixing platform should be of concrete platform or brick floor to avoid the addition of extra water in our concrete
  • Water should be added in some interval in concrete while hand mixing
  • Avoid large sizes of buckets for the measurement purpose
  • Labours should wear a mask to avoid some respiratory diseases

Steps to follow for doing hand mixing of concrete :

  • Doing proper batching of all the ingredients of concrete and spread them evenly
  • Add cement with Sand and mix them for throughout
  • Mixing process should continue until we get the homogeneous colour
  • Then add coarse aggregate into it and again mix it appropriately
  • For mixing forward and backward movement of shovel have to be done
  • Then at the centre, one hollow circular space is formed for the addition of water
  • While doing hand mixing 5 to 10% of the extra amount of cement should be added
  • PPE( Personal Protective Equipment) should be wear by labour while doing hand mixing


Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager
Describe the hand mix process of concrete on the floor?

Hi, During hand mixing of concrete care must be taken for good quality of the mix.

Procedure: mixing by hand should be done at a clean and smooth place.

  1. Spread evenly the measured quantity of sand.
  2. Spread the required amount of cement over the sand.
  3. Which speed mix the sand and cement uniformly with turning the mixture again and again till the even colour with the streak-free mixture will form.
  4. then makes the measured quantity of coarse aggregate and spread over the mixture of sand and cement.
  5. Again mix all the ingredients and forming a whole mass. Mix at least three times by turning again and again from centre to outside Mannar.
  6. Make a hollow hole in the middle of mixed file
  7. 3:1 ratio should be considered and add the 3 quarter of the total quantity of amount of water and mixed the materials by turning from centre to side till the uniform colour will occur.
  8. Then an extra cement of 5% should be added when hand mixing is adopted.
  9. The PPE kits should be nearby the labour for self-protection.
  10. After the use of concrete test wash the mixing platform at the end of the day.

Hope this is beneficial for you.

To proceed your of concrete mixing by hand is described step-by-step below

  • First of all clear the floor and apply plastic seat who does not absorb water from concrete mix
  • Now add sand and aggregate and mix it
  • Now add a cement, in hand mixing we required 10% higher cement contain to add
  • Now again mix it,
  • Now make a pond in the mixture
Describe the hand mix process of concrete on the floor?
  • Now mix it and make concrete
  • After the concrete used floor should be cleaned by water so stick concrete to floor is removed.

The hand mix is not used today, and it is rarely used in the village area for a small work.

For more informationh //

You have to follow below procedure for hand mixing concrete.

  1. Spread the plastic sheet on the floor at which place you want to make hand mix concrete.
  2. Measure out the material.
  3. Place stone and sand pile on the sheet.
  4. Now place cement on the pile of stone and sand.
  5. Mixing it properly.
  6. Make deep dive in to mixed pile.
  7. Add water in to deep dive of pile.
  8. Continue to fold inward and chop the pile distributor water through mix.