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Dear Sirs, Greetings, I am pleased to inform you that I have written a text book named “Pavement Engineering”, considered to be published by Prentice Hall India for under-graduate, graduate students in engineering universities and industry professionals. In the book I want use some figures given in your web site at: The figures in my book shall have the source reference of your web site and readers can visit your website to know more about the subject related to the image. I therefore request you to kindly permit us to use the images in our book, which shall attract the interest of more people to the subject and your web site. My two books were already published for the purposes of engineering academics, and are very popular across the world, the book websites are as mentioned below: Computer Aided Bridge Engineering (Detail Design of Pre-Stressed Concrete I-Girder / Box-Girder Bridges) By: Sandipan Goswami, Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA. and Computer-Aided-Highway-Engineering, By Sandipan Goswami and Pradip Sarkar, Publisher: CRC Press of Taylor and Francis, UK. Best regards Sandipan Goswami Email: Tel: +91 9331 9330 39

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