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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

Column Slightly Inclined on 1st Floor of the building

I work in IT and have no background information on construction or civil engineering concepts. I have recently purchased an apartment on the 3rd out of the 5-floor building under construction. Currently, the construction is happening for the 3rd slab of the building. I have noticed that on the first floor, there is only ONE column that is slightly inclined (approx 20 degrees ) and not 100% vertical. 50% of the column looks vertical, but the other 50% is inclined. All the other columns on the ground floor,1st floor, and 2nd floor look good. I discussed this with the supervisor at the site, but he says that is not a problem, and it will get rectified when the walls will be cement plastered. His answer didn't convince me. Can you please let me know if this will cause any strength-related or any other issues? Do we need to fix it? If yes, what is the correct procedure to be followed? Note: Red bricks are being used for walls.

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Inclining of columns is not accepted in construction. The columns must be truly vertical. In some cases, a deviation of 10 to 15mm or 2 to 3 % is permissible.

Yes, if the columns are not verticle the load transfer which happens via column is not 100%. This affects the durability and life of the building. Due to this, there might be a risk of safety during calamities.

The justification is given by the supervisor is not correct. To rectify the mistakes done during the casting of columns, the columns are plastered to make them look truly vertical.