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Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent
Asked a question last year

Cellular concrete

Dear Madam/Sir, I see your articles very helpful for my routine work. Could you please let me know common surfactants used as foaming agents in cellular concrete. What would be the most economical option. Thanks

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Cellular concrete : Definition :

A special type of concrete which is manufactured by mixing ordinary Portland cement, fly ash, Sand, water and previously formed foam in appropriate proportion.

Foam producing substances used in cellular concrete:

THTFA -3: It is one of the best foaming agents which is used in the formation of cellular concrete. Protein-based foaming agent: It is prepared with raw material in presence of Ca(OH)2 and a small protein of NaHSO3 Synthetic foaming agent: In synthetic foaming agent, the Chemicals are used to reduce the surface tension.

The speciality of cellular concrete :

Cellular concrete is used to form one of the hardened material having an oven-dry density of 50 pounds per cubic foot(PCF) or less.

Reference code used to make cellular concrete are listed below ;

ATM C 869 AMTM C 796 ASTM C495

I hope you satisfied with my answer, thank you.

Foaming Agents used in the concrete: Here I will share with you are various foaming agents they are as follows;

Cetyltrimethyl ammonium Bromide(CTAB) Cetrimide. Neopor Sodium lauryl sulphate(SLS) Sodium lauryl Ether sulphate(SLES) Alcohol ethoxy sulphates(AES) Alpha olefin sulfonate(AOS) Sodium oleate Sulphonal Microair Cocodiaethanolamide(CDA) Vegetable soap Fe protein Soapnut(SN) Animal hoof and horn Baijiu Vinasse.

I hope you find my answer is helpful to you. Thank you.

Ricardo Kuhn
Construction Foreman

Hi Seth I understand your requirements. In the above comment, you find many options. There are so many cheap and good cellular lightweight concrete foaming agents are available. It is in the price range of 90 per kg to 500 per kg. I suggest you go with your requirements and type of bricks and cement used as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

CLC foaming agent (Standard Grade) - 100/kg CLC foaming agent (Concentrated Grade) - 150/kg