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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

Can we consider drum mix of concrete as a batch mix?

can we consider drum mixing of concrete same as batch mix or nominal mix?

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Morris Baker
Construction Site Safety Manager

Yes. Of course. The method of mixing is not relevant to batching. So long as the quantities and proportions remain what they need to be, drum mixing or hand mixing, both are batch mixing.

In fact, in the industry, mostly drums are used for mixing concrete because they save time and labour.

Drum mixing of concrete: Yes, we can definitely use the same mix proportion. No matter which method we are going to prefer.

But, when we mix the concrete with an appropriate proportion manually then we need to add some extra amount of water in it to maintain consistency.

In drum mixing, the drum is used to mix the concrete, but the Proportion of the concrete mix remains as it is.

I hope that you are getting my point. Thank you.